Kitten Care

Congratulations on deciding to get a new kitten. Here are some tips to help him or her settle into their new home.

Things you will need:

  • Food and water bowls
  • A litter tray
  • Kitten food – wet or dry
  • A comfortable bed or soft blankets
  • Travel cage
  • Toys
  • Scratch. Climbing post

Follow these helpful steps to help ease your new kitten's arrival into your home:

  1. Decided on a room to settle them in.This will help them become familiar with their new environment. Something smelling of mum might help make them feel at home. Make sure the room is kitten proof with no escape roots or trailing wires.
  2. Gradually you can open up other rooms and allow the kitten to explore
  3. Cats are very clean animals so ensure the litter tray is emptied daily and cleaned thoroughly each week.
  4. Avoid letting you kitten out until they are fully vaccinated.
  5. Book an appointment for a health check, vaccination and a discussion about worming and flea control, diet, neutering and microchipping.


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